Lawnmower Kisses

Our marriage of fifty years has always been full of creative ways to entertain each other. There have been many things we’ve done together that are unique to our years spent having fun.

When we moved to Tennessee over three years ago, Jim came up with yet another idea. We noticed that Sunday mornings after church we could hear various riding lawnmowers echoing throughout all the hills. We live a few miles from our church and several hills between. The countryside homes have no less than an acre so we often see riding lawnmowers grooming the hillsides. Especially on Sundays before or after various church services.

One day, not long after we moved here and were out enjoying a drive to learn our way around the area, I playfully punched Jim on the arm. “Slug a bug!”

“What was that for?”

“I just saw another riding lawn mower, so I thought I’d get you like when we used to count little VW bug cars. Remember?”

Jim leaned over and kissed me. We were having a conversation about how many riding mowers buzzed and broke the silence of a beautiful Sunday morning. The air dispensed a wonderful smell of “freshness” that only cut grass and hay can offer.

“What was that for Jim?”

“Well, every time one of us sees a riding mower, we get to give a kiss to each other instead.”

I laughed, “I’ve seen at least three push mowers in operation in people’s front yards. So I’ll collect three tonight when we get home.”

“Oh no you won’t because this applies to riding mowers only. I’m starting count now. The push mowers are far and few between. Ha Ha.”

Because of the countryside, I miss a lot of those mowers because I’m looking for wildlife. Jim always collects more from me when we arrive home.

Like most of our habits, this one stuck and we enjoy the togetherness and memories we see around us. We live in a beautiful area, thankful for this land, and each other.

Writer's Voice Part II

Writer's Voice Part II

"Polly," my friend from the South drawled in her soft sweet voice, "you’re discouraged because this edit has wiped out  your voice." She handed me a box of Kleenex.

I wiped my tears and sniffed. "I've taught on voice, but I can’t see or hear it in my own work. It's funny that  you should discover that and I'm glad you did. Can you help me?"



Relationships are the best parts of our lives but also can represent some of the most painful aspects.. 

When we are in sync with those special people in our lives, when we respect our differences and boundaries, when we affirm and show kindness, these relationships build us up as nothing else—short of God—can.