May Madness, especially Mondays!!

Hello Fellow Travelers,

Good grief Charlie Brown, here we are in the middle of May. It’s been a whirlwind of activities as probably many of you have experienced. Easter, Graduation, Springtime travels, and generally getting spring house cleaning finished or whatever that might be. It could be housework, catch-up on projects, or you name it. Life, I believe it’s called.

Today, I am offering a special prayer time for you personally if you need uplifting or encouraging. We are called to walk a walk of love and support for one another so please message or email me if you need a special touch from the Lord.

I just returned from a wonderful graduation trip in Colorado where our grand daughter made it after much hard work. We are very proud of her because she stuck with the work at hand. It was’t easy and that degree wasn’t handed to her on a silver-platter. She exceeded her own expectations.

So, I wasn’t exempt from being busy. It seems the older I become, the busier life is with a lot of curve balls.

If I can make it, then so can all of you wonderful people who struggle. As time goes on, I’ll share some but it suffices to say right here, “I understand and my friends you’ll make it.”