June Monday Moment

It’s tough to start “fresh” sometimes but we recently did that again. We moved to Fairfield Glade, Tennessee in December. We live in a semi-retirement community that’s full of a loving bunch of warm grey-hairs as many are fondly labeled.

At first we felt unsure of ourselves in so many ways. We learned to grow older often with uncertain expectations in our lives on many levels., Socially, economically, physically, spiritually, and I’m sure you can come up with even more reasons why it’s difficult to change. We get used to things the way they were in our past. I’ve learned this can happen to us at any age. I remember when I left home, said yes, to my now husband of 50 years, learned to say yes, to every change and transfer that came along in his job, said yes to new social surroundings, new military bases and yes to retirement. Then to our surprise, yes again to moves dictated by his new companies and to my own careers at home. We have new challenges at every turn in our lives.

So many changes but we’ve learned how God has been with us during each change in our lives separately and together as his kids. He promises us that He will always be there and that He longs for us to spend time with Him and talk with him and praise him for who he is, your best friend.