July Blueberry Blessings

Have you ever written a bucket list for yourself? If you haven’t, then now maybe its time to write a list of your dreams and wishes. Along our path perhaps we’ve stuffed our list way down in our hearts. You may feel that life interferes with those wants and desires. Did you ever wonder where those ideas came from? Here’s a refreshing thought. What if God put them there? Remember we are allowed to be dreamers in God’s Kingdom. It’s okay to wish, dream, pray, and ask God for the grace with tools to do them! Just do them! As you get those tools don’t be afraid to move forward. Don’t use excuse breakers like “I don’t have enough money”. “I can’t do this physically.” “I am too old.” “I am selfish.” Give those thoughts to Jesus and ask him to help you.

I had to wait until the blueberries were ripe in Tennessee. Yep! This was one of my wishes on my bucket list. I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, where there are few if any. You can find many types of berries, but not the huge beautiful blueberries of the Cumberland Mountains. So in the middle of July I found myself in blueberry patch heaven. Every bite as sweet as the first. I love being in God’s Gardens, He has so much to say to me. It’s usually peaceful and quiet there. This fine day it was cool and misty with few annoying bugs.

Each blueberry was in a different stage of becoming ripe, just like us. I noticed too that the beginning of summer was hot and then the rains became relentless and I found an abundance of berries with cracks in them. I’m reminded they were full of water and someone needed to use them before they overflowed. Seems like us when we are filled with the Holy Spirit we have to share our fruit or it will not be as sweet and eventually dry up. Don’t let that happen to you dear ones. Be sweet and full of joy this summer. If you are in the area, drop in and I’ll make you a blueberry pie.