Copy of Monday Madness-August Arguments

It’s early and onto to the week. It’s the last week of August 2019 and Monday Madness begins at the Harris House. We’ve enjoyed this month of birthdays and meeting new people. We also have a “baby”. That’s Sunny in the picture. Is he cute or what? At least that’s what his new parents and big brother think.

I’m facing a knee replacement soon so I’ve been to several new doctors this month which as most of you know seems to take a full day for each visit. .

Through the pain I’ve complained about why isn’t my knee healed? So many good things have happened that I feel embarrassed by my lack of a grateful attitude. It makes all the difference in the world how we act and react doesn’t it? I also had to give up the opportunity to enjoy attending an AWSA Conference near Nashville. Okay I praised and thanked HIM ANYWAY! Guess what? I got blessed! This stretching of my attitudes challenged me to grow.

The friend I was going to ride with stopped in for lunch. Her name is Cheri Cowell and she owns a publishing company which includes a lot of help with encouragement and marketing. She gave me a book that she wrote with ghostwriter, Michelle Booth. The title is Marketing as Ministry-It’s Not About You or Your Book. A truer statement was never written. For many inspirational and encouraging people, it seems difficult to market your gifts. We want to serve God and give everything away so some of us tend to step away from the marketing end of getting that information into the public arena. There are many excuses, shyness, hoof-in-mouth disease, finances, live in remote area, no computer, and I could name many more. Could it be pride? All these excuses get in the way of taking the next step in this crazy world of ministering light and life to others. Yes, we should give freely but sometimes it’s okay to get the word out about God and sell creative pieces. Perhaps not to make money but to pay for the materials? There are many different creative ways God uses his people for. We can’t put this type of work into a box or compartmentalize. Each person is uniquely made in His image.

Cheri has done an exceptional job of getting this encouragement out to those who work in the creative world of Jesus. I recommend it with five big gold stars. You can find this book at EA Books Publishing.

I pray for your last August 2019 week as we roll into September. May you be blessed and grow in Him.